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Why Yes Wealth?

Why Yes Wealth:  An Intelligent Path Through a Forest of Often Confusing Investment Choices.

By: Tom Schneeweis, Chief Investment Officer

Many of us are on a constant search for answers to basic questions of how to achieve individual and professional success (whatever that is defined to be). The importance of determining one’s goals or life targets is illustrated in the classic “Alice in Wonderland” where it is pointed out to Alice that; “If you don’t know where you are going it does not matter what path you take”.   This is especially true if one is considering one’s investment path or future financial goals. Moreover, if one is not personally familiar with the investment settings, it may make sense to have someone help to determine what path to take, to make sure you remain on your current path or if necessary to move one away from one’s current path.

Why YES Wealth Management? We do not have the time in this short blog to detail all the reasons why YES Wealth Management may be your best companion, but if you wish to consider YES Wealth as your guide, please visit us at  We believe that we could have even helped Alice, as we helped many others over the past thirty years, to get through today’s financial forest. Simply put, we are familiar with the new investment landscape and the path you may wish to take or may have to take to get through it.

Fortunately, YES Wealth Management offers a unique set of skills to help you in your quest:

Over Thirty Years of Investment Experience over a wide range of traditional and alternative investments – Offers Truly Independent Direction (Free from Large RIA FirmsPre-packaged Products or Advice)

 Globally Known for Expertise in Investment Risk Management

 Provider of Range of Modern Wealth Management Services

Contact us today to start your wealth management journey with a free consultation from one of our friendly and knowledgeable financial advisors.