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Our Services


We work with our clients to create a tailored financial plan and a one-of-a-kind investment portfolio to meet goals and utilize our suite of offerings.

In the sixty years since the introduction of “modern” portfolio theory, new investment markets have come into existence, new types of funds have been created, and new means of managing global risk have evolved. Unfortunately, many investors remained confined to historically based diversification strategies established on a combination of stock, bond, and mutual fund investments that no longer provide the downside protection they need.

We work with our clients to understand their risk level, and formulate a financial plan for them using our INTELLIGENT PATH™ method of asset management. We leverage a postmodern approach of asset allocation and utilize new investment strategies as we build our wealth management plans to balance growth and risk.

Institutional Services
by S Capital Management

Investment advisory and product solutions for foundations, endowments, trust companies and qualified individuals.

We focus on helping our clients create or use existing, modern, alternative investment products that help them achieve effective risk management and targeted growth objectives. We have created products and processes for some of the largest companies in the industry, ranging from community foundations to endowments seeking sustainable investment strategies. Methods previously requiring large assets can be achieved with lesser amounts while maintaining liquidity.

Retirement Planning

One of our most important roles is ensuring our clients’ financial future is secure for their life after retirement.

Because saving and planning on your own can be challenging, we created a process with tools that help us understand our clients’ needs and aspirations. Then, we craft the spending and investment plan to achieve these retirement goals. Together we explore the possibilities, evaluate the required trade-offs to accomplish, discuss the relative importance and cost of each goal, and prioritize it all into a mutually agreed-upon, actionable plan.

Our clients’ goals often include:

Tax and Estate Planning

Our clients have worked hard to build their wealth, and we work just as hard to preserve it.

While the estate planning process can seem overwhelming, we help clients understand their options and instill confidence in assets being safeguarded for the present and the future. Our teams monitor the economic environment and legislative landscapes that factor into our client’s plans, working with attorneys, tax professionals, and networks of advisors to address their best interests.

We sort through the alternatives for clients to achieve their goals:

Insurance Risk Management

This can be one of the most confusing aspects of financial planning, so we ask questions to address all potential requirements of insurance; from protecting a young family or business to covering a future estate tax liability. We will consult with our network of commission free advisors to create a unique strategy that successfully addresses each client’s needs.