“Fiduciary” means your best interest comes first.

Financial advising that you can count on, our fiduciary responsibility means we’re obligated to act in the best interests of the people we serve. We work with clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and beyond from our Mahtomedi office.

Our Wealth Management and Asset Allocation strategies are based on Risk Management principles that we’ve developed to deal with today’s changing investment landscape. We provide wealth management services for new and experienced investors alike to grow their investments in an optimal, individualized wealth portfolio as part of their long-term financial plan.


We constantly review the market to discover the products and asset management strategies that work best for our clients at the lowest cost. Unlike larger firms who often use or recommend their own products that generate commissions or trading fees that benefit their own representatives, we only do better when you do better.

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We invest in the future, not the past

Traditional financial planners assume that their financial strategy that worked for the past 10 years will continue to work in the present day. Investors usually ignore the disclaimers which state “past performance may not be indicative of future results”, but we know that selling historical returns doesn’t account for the Governments and central banks now actively manage their currencies, and simple stock and bond diversifications no longer protects like it once did.economic shifts that have changed the tools and methods of investment and wealth management.

If you want a personalized portfolio that grows through a variety of market conditions, you’ll need more than a cookie-cutter investment plan. Our Method of investing that addresses current and evolving financial markets which is no longer adequately addressed by stocks and bonds alone. Helps to optimize returns through a multi-asset risk-managed asset allocation similar to those used by institutions and endowments.postmodern investment strategy introduces innovative asset management and diversification that features a wider set of investment choices needed to better deal with stock market volatility and the lowest fixed income yields in 30 years.

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Put your money where your ideals are

We value people, not just their wallets, which is why we provide fiduciary services to build trusting relationships through innovative investments that enable our clients to support their principles. Our clients have spent a lifetime building personal and professional values, and through our research we create unique portfolios that can connect ideals with legitimate (and profitable) financial advising.

Many people want to support their principles through their assets and investments—we believe wealth is measured in more than numbers. We identify investments that support our investor’s needs and principles by offering Gender Equality, Women in Leadership, and Environmental, Social Responsibility, and Governance motivated investment products.ESG Investments that ensure investor money aligns with their ethical and social values.

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“My passion is to engage women in financial discussions much earlier in their lives!”

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A company designed for you

Yes Wealth Management (a Registered Investment Advisor) is a tight-knit team of fiduciary advisors who work together to ensure that you get sophisticated and accountable wealth management and retirement plans intended to enable your life financial goals. We believe that risk-focused investment management is paramount, because risk drives return. It only makes sense then that risk management is a primary means to meeting long-term goals. This is precisely why we provide innovative, risk based, multi-asset solutions to build clients’ portfolios.

Experience the full attention of our knowledgeable staff supported by all of the academic and professional expertise needed to build your specialized investment portfolios.

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