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The Present Versus the Past

Those Who Only Follow the Past Are Plagued to Repeat It

By: Yes Wealth Partners

Today our world seems to be so chaotic that people are wondering how safe their investments are and is “just hang in there” or “stay the course” still the best way to go.  They are often surprised and often disappointed when I tell them that investment programs based primarily on the ways things were done in the past (e.g., stocks and bonds) may not be the best way to actively manage assets in the future. Research now shows that stock/bond mutual funds may underperform portfolios which use investment vehicles such as ETFs and/or modern liquid alternatives which are not directly tied to interest rates.  Today our world and the various means of government financial support or control changes so quickly, that individual stock picks or even the S&P 500 may not reflect the changing direction of the economy or its’ performance going forward.  In addition, bond investments in a portfolio may not provide the risk reduction benefits once believed. Unlike most of the last 30 years we may see rising interest rates and actually see the value of our fixed income holdings decline.  Lastly, today fixed income investments that once offered yields near six to eight percent are currently offering two to four percent. 


In short, investment opportunities and investment conditions have changed. In this new world, if one’s current portfolio is based on past conditions, it may need to be changed. If you need help in implementing these changes, YES Wealth provides meaningful investment advice using a broad range of modern investment solutions representing the very best in investment advice. 


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