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The Circle of Life

 The Circle of Life    

By: Bob Schneeweis & Tom Schneeweis

 YES Wealth Management is a financial advisor firm which helps individuals and institutions to determine what financial path to take, to make sure one remains on that path and if necessary to make corrections to it. But the firm is more than that. YES Wealth Management has a history that is directly linked to the community it serves.  The co-founders (Bob and Tom Schneeweis) are the sons of Mary Lou and Jack Schneeweis who lived in Mahtomedi since their Marriage in 1941 and served the community throughout their lives in government, schools and Scouting. Their belief in “if not you then who?’ in serving Mahtomedi was essential to their lives and that commitment eventually found it’s way to Bob and Tom.

As brothers they both obviously started from the same place (Mahtomedi, Mn.) but took seemingly widely different paths after college.  Bob started his own wealth management firm almost thirty years ago in Mahtomedi and over the years grew not only his firm but a family as well while continuing to serve his community as illustrated by his receipt of the J. Stanley and Doris Hill Legacy Award which honors those who embraced a strong sense of service to others while making a significant difference along the way.  His brother, Tom, took a different path, receiving his Ph. D in Finance from the University of Iowa and selected as endowed research chair at the University of Massachusetts.  During that tenure he also spent his time developing non-profit educational centers, a national journal, educational programs for women and minorities and global investment management firms. All designed to forward education.

Despite their common path as youths, and different paths after, they joined again in 2012. Tom retired from the Academic life and moved his firm’s office (Quantitative Investment Technologies) to the White Bear Area. They found a common set of concerns in understanding that many larger financial firms did not necessarily have each investor’s concerns solely in their sights. Together they reconnected their paths to create something unique (YES Wealth Management) combining Bob’s understanding of the needs of individuals with Tom’s understanding of how modern investment products and services fit into those needs. 

So, when you drive by the old Triangle Park (now Veterans Park) in Mahtomedi and see the offices of YES Wealth Management you now know you are near an Investment Advisory firm which focuses on community but incorporates modern solutions to modern financial problems.  It is not trapped on a staid investment path which focuses primarily on individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds but instead a modern world of investment finance which includes ETFs, modern investments including risk managed products, and global assets. It is Tom and Bob’s attempt to bring the best of their understanding of the investor’s needs with modern investment answers and this was all accomplished in a place close to where it all started. Just to remind themselves, a picture of Mary Lou and Jack on their wedding day is just inside the door. This helps all to remember that the start of YES Wealth was really with them and that the goal of YES Wealth remains to help investors on an Intelligent Path® with Financial care that is Refreshingly Human®.

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