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Financial Care That’s Refreshingly Human. ®

Financial Care That’s Refreshingly Human. ®

By: Robert Schneeweis, Chief Executive Officer

Recently I was speaking with a young local woman who I’ve known for some time, and she asked me, “What exactly do you do at Yes Wealth?”.  While we have recently changed our name to Yes Wealth Management and moved to our own building in Mahtomedi, we’ve been successfully providing investment and financial advice for over 30 years.  Today people can feel surrounded by the white noise of advertising and marketing from mega companies who have unlimited budgets and by small companies trying to make their mark on TV, internet pop-ups etc.  On the other hand, we have served our clients since 1990, growing through word of mouth without TV, or filling up your mailboxes or email addresses. With so many pitches today focused on getting people’s attention, to call or log-in for some special need through so many different communications, it’s understandable that investors do not have a lot of trust that there is someone out there to help them with their questions.  That is why we work so hard to provide “Financial Care that’s Refreshingly Human®”.  That means turning industry white noise and terms like “Digital Currency”, “Indexed Returns” “ESG (Environmental and Social Governance Investing)” and “Robo Advising” into real human terms that clients can understand and help them distinguish how it may fit for them.  We help our clients get answers to their important financial questions.  How will inflation affect me?  How do I reach my family’s goals or help future generations?  How will tax changes affect me? We help you get to clarity on your financial future and provide you with solutions that relate to today’s changing world.

Our founders and management are recognized nationally, internationally and locally for their backgrounds and expertise.  We use our knowledge and insights to help you develop plans to accomplish your goals.  While we continue to create new ideas in ESG investing and managing investment risk, our continued focus is to bring modern, institutional investment ideas to all individuals at every stage of life. Know that we are here for you in both good and challenging times, to give you our perspective, to discuss your options, or simply to talk things through.

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