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We are YES Wealth Management.

S Capital Wealth Advisors has changed our name to YES Wealth Management, but not our mission. This evolution of our brand is a natural next step in extending investment and financial services as a fiduciary acting in the best interests of our clients, old and new. As our offerings grew, so did the ways we think about wealth management, fueling our desire to reflect the positive impact that our relatable and knowledgeable team provides each and every day through our name.

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Renewing our commitment to the personal relationships that we hold close, we aim to simplify the language of financial understanding throughout our guidance. We apply our full expertise of professional and academic financial knowledge to drive strategies and solutions that serve those who work with us.

We are stepping up our efforts to reflect our company pillars of Humanity, Clarity, Invention and Truth as we focus on building the prosperity of our clients. We at YES Wealth Management pride ourselves in providing financial care that’s refreshingly human.