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Are you ready for Medicare changes?

Historic changes in Medicare Cost Plans are coming soon, are you prepared?


Approximately 300,000 Minnesotans will be losing their current health coverage.  Starting January 2019 Medicare Cost Plans are going away in most counties in Minnesota including the Twin Cities Metro area.  If you currently have a cost plan, now is the time to talk with a representative about your choices.  The good news is that you are in a guaranteed issue period and you can choose the best coverage for your needs, regardless of any preexisting conditions.


There are basically two types of plans being offered for the upcoming year.  Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPD) or Medicare Supplements are being offered by a number of insurers.


MAPD plans have physician and hospital networks, co-pays and out of pocket costs, often have vision and health club memberships at generally lower premiums.


Medicare Supplements usually have higher premiums but provide the freedom to see the doctor or specialist of your choice, no networks, low or no out of pocket costs, coverage is guaranteed renewable and the coverage goes with you anywhere in the US.  For the many people that travel or go south for the winter, you may want to lean towards the Medicare Supplement for the much need health care coverage.


Selecting the right plan now can have an impact on your financial future.  You should speak with a representative now through the first of the year to determine the best solution for you. We have experts in our network that are monitoring this and will be able to help you navigate the changes.